#DigitalTransformation: No Future Without a Functional Website

From the butcher around the corner to the largest multinationals in the world, about every company is actively present on the internet via a website and that has become absolutely necessary. It’s just logical reasoning as the customers spend more and more time on the internet, via multiple devices, it’s normal to be online as […]

Survey: Is #CloudSecurity Still a Concern in 2017

The need to run Business more efficiently, improve time-to-market and enhance user experience is driving more and more enterprises to embrace the cloud as part of their IT strategy. You must note that “Cloud” still has many different meanings; IaaS, SaaS, PaaS and so on. Equally interesting is the fact that enterprises today deploy a […]

From Data to Knowledge: #BigData and #DataMining

The increasing digitization of our activities, the constantly accumulating capacity to store digital data, the accumulation of data of all kind resulting therefrom, generates a new sector of activity whose purpose is the analysis of large quantities of data. New approaches, new methods, new knowledge are emerging, and ultimately no doubt new ways of thinking […]

Challenges in #MachineLearning Adaptation 

It’s very possible that at the time you read these lines, you’ve already use the result of machine learning algorithms several times today: your favorite social network might have already suggested you a new friend-list, search motor certain pages relevant to your history etc. You’ve dictated a message on your phone, read an article that […]

Challenges of #ArtificialIntelligence

Until few years ago, #ArtificialIntelligence (#AI) was similar to nuclear fusion in unfulfilled promise. It had been around a long time but had not reached the spectacular heights foreseen in its initial stages. However now, Artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer the future. It is here and now. It’s realizing its potential in achieving man-like […]

Benefits of a User-Centric Information Systems

Continuous improvements in technological applications have allowed more and more organizations to develop systems with user-focused designs. Not only they get higher success in day-to-day usage, but it helps to increases the overall probability of technology adoption. With a User-Centric Information Systems, organizations have a comprehensive examination of the latest strategies and methods for creating […]

Public, Private or Hybrid Cloud – How to make the right choice?

Cloud computing is a booming industry and has significant economic benefits, including better efficacy of IT and computing needs scalability. Cloud computing concept has clearly shifted from buzz to business and in so doing, has transformed the nature of IT service delivery. Just look at the numbers, according to Gartner, the cloud software market reached […]

#SaaS and European Legislation on #DataProtection

This article presents a summary of the legislative and regulatory aspects that European companies must take into account when choosing a SaaS provider. Particularly in terms of #DataProtection. When choosing a SaaS provider, companies must implement a checklist with controls and negotiations that they would apply if they work with a relocated service provider for […]

Discover 10 tips for Cybercrime Prevention

As a business holder, you are aware that it is important to be well insured. Your building, your equipment, and possibly your staff: each one has an adapted insurance. There is, however, one area that small-medium companies do not always think about: protecting their company’s information, knowledge and data. Yet, their importance is crucial. You […]