#NFC-Technology: Discover the Value of NFC Application For Your #InternetOfThings

Smartphone is increasingly present in our environment. For many of us, it wakes us up in the morning, allows us to know how to dress after checking the weather, accompanies us in transportation, allows us to stay in touch with real world and many other activities related to each of us. In addition to that […]

#Data : An Important Piece To “The #InternetOfThings” Puzzle

Every day, connected objects generate billions of information that must be processed and analyzed to make them usable. Thanks to the development of connectivity on multiple devices, the arrival of inexpensive sensors and the data inflation they transmit, IoT have took irreplaceable place in our daily lives. IDC forecasts worldwide IOT market to grow more […]

#Healthcare Sector – Center of #Cyberattack

Nearly 90% of healthcare organizations have been hacked in the last two years. In addition, almost half of them have been exposed to cybercrime more than five times. In 2016, there was not a single week without data piracy or a cyber-attack targeting a health organization somewhere in the world. To be more precious, only […]

#CyberCrime: Is your #ECommerce Secure enough for Growth?

Advances in technology, logistics, payments, coupled with increasing internet and mobile access have created more than US $1.9 trillion global online shopping arena, where millions of consumers no longer ‘go’ shopping, but literally ‘are’ shopping, at every moment and everywhere via different devices. The development of each e-commerce business relies heavily on the user experience. […]

Chatbots – Trends and Opportunities in E-Commerce

Evolutions of #Ecommerce is nothing without #Chatbots, #ArtificialIntelligence and #MachineLearning. These notions represent the new technologies trends that increase the competitiveness of an e-commerce. By 2016, 9 out of 10 customers globally were using messaging to interact with companies. To remain competitive, e-commerce must adapt to the rapid evolution of digital technologies and the behavior […]

#DigitalTransformation: No Future Without a Functional Website

From the butcher around the corner to the largest multinationals in the world, about every company is actively present on the internet via a website and that has become absolutely necessary. It’s just logical reasoning as the customers spend more and more time on the internet, via multiple devices, it’s normal to be online as […]