Discover 10 tips for Cybercrime Prevention

As a business holder, you are aware that it is important to be well insured. Your building, your equipment, and possibly your staff: each one has an adapted insurance. There is, however, one area that small-medium companies do not always think about: protecting their company’s information, knowledge and data. Yet, their importance is crucial. You […]

Attention: Do Not click on the ‘new feature’ messages from #WhatsApp!

Since a week now, WhatsApp users, across the globe, are receiving a message containing a special link that promise a new functionality. It’s supposed to be a feature that lets you use other colors, but in reality, it’s an open invitation to install a malicious software. Here below you can visualize the screenshots of the […]

Physical & Cloud #DataProtection: Best Practices for your #Backup and #RecoveryProcess

Data has become one of the most valuable assets of organizations. Massive data is the new currency. Thanks to advancements in technology and connectivity, data creation is skyrocketing upwards. According to IDC this data is expected to double every two years for the next decade, hitting 45,000 exabytes in 2020. These data are stored in […]

How Artificial Intelligence is impacting the Tourism Sector?

Artificial intelligence has existed for several years, yet we witness that it is now reaching another dimension, thanks to more powerful computers and the multiplication of available data. By its capacity to raise all sectors of activity, it is undeniable that it represents a great interest for Tourism. With the wealth of data available to […]

Common type of #InternetFraud and How to Avoid them

Internet fraud is happening every day, anywhere in the world. The probability that you’ll ever be a victim is so big. Certainly, if you are a director of a company or if you have a power of attorney at business accounts. Then you belong to the favorite targets of cybercriminals. We all know how cleverly […]

#Blockchain benefits for Innovation: Disintermediation, Security, Autonomy

The Blockchain brings together three innovative technologies: decentralized architecture, cryptographic protection, crypto-currency issuance.   What is the Blockchain? Literally, a blockchain designates a chain of blocks, digital containers on which are stored information of all kind: transactions, contracts, property titles, works of art … All these blocks form a database resembles to pages of a […]

Understanding the #Blockchain Economic Revolution

The Blockchain is a revolution that is undoubtedly leading to a complete overhaul of economic activity. It’s not a simple geek trend but still most people have absolutely no idea what the blockchain stands for. It’s essential to distinguish clearly the differences between bitcoin, crypto-currency and the breakthrough of technology underlying below the nameà the […]

The Impact and Challenges of Artificial Intelligence for Next-Gen Enterprises

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not a new phenomenon. It continues to develop and its applications are already very present in our personal daily life (gaming, robotics, connected objects …), arousing as much enthusiasm as fear. This complex concept gained its success in the science fiction world. Although AI is still calling for a more or […]